A candle that tells a story

With our personalized candles, your next fundraiser or fundraising campaign will provide a unique experience to those who support you. Make them feel exactly what you want with a product that will fit the image you want to convey.

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  • Custom label

    Design 100% in your image, created by a professional graphic designer without
    Additional fees.

  • Format and color

    We offer different formats depending on your needs and purpose. Choose the style and color of container to use.

  • Fragrance

    Opt for a floral, sweet, fruity, relaxing fragrance, etc. Want to be unique? We will create a unique scent for your project.

  • wax color

    Go with a classic, pure white wax or choose one of our beautiful colors.

  • Wick type

    Be classic with a cotton wick or dare with a silent wooden wick or

  • Advice service

    Let us guide you to create a candle at an attractive price for the customer, but allowing you to achieve your goal.

Personalized candles that match people’s values

In addition to supporting a local company that manufactures its products by hand, choosing Vulgaire means:

Products made with ecological, sustainable development, organic, non-GMO and vegan raw materials.

Limited use of plastic: no plastic for shipping, starch shipping bubbles that disintegrate in water, reusable glass and ceramic containers.

Products without paraben, phthalate and other products harmful to health.

A company run by a woman and a person with a rare disease.

The possibility of opting for a carbon neutral delivery service.

Minimum order of 20 candles only!

Get your personalized quote now by clicking the button below. A member of our team will be happy to contact you to discuss your project within 24-48 hours. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone at 514-316-7733 to speak to us directly.

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  • Sustainability

    A candle lasts several hours and is used over a long period of time unlike many single-use or short-lived products often offered.

  • Full customization

    The ability to personalize the product allows you to better involve people by making them experience a small part of your project. Ex.: A smell of rain for a trip to London, a tropical smell for a trip to the south, etc.

  • A lasting memory

    Participants can keep their candle for years as a keepsake allowing them to relive this precious moment.

  • An interesting profit

    Personalized candles are seen as unique and have a good margin, which is beneficial for the organization.

  • Ease of distribution

    The candles are easy to transport, which facilitates their distribution during events or campaigns.

  • An important attraction

    Candles have universal appeal and therefore reach a wide audience. This increases the chances of fundraising success.

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A modern campaign

You will be able to have a page for your project directly on our website from where people can order. They will have the choice of getting delivery or picking up the product at the location of your choice. This means a lot less management for you and the opportunity to have more sales to people who wouldn't have been able to buy otherwise.