personalized candles

Personalized candles for businesses and events

Whether you'd like to offer them to your employees, partners, add them to your boutique or give them as gifts, we have the perfect humorous (or not) candle for your company or event!

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  • Custom label

    A design 100% in your image, including your logo, your phrase, your style and your colors!

  • Candle size

    We offer two candle sizes to choose from, 6.5 oz or 12 oz.

  • Container color

    Choose to use our black containers or from our selection of colored containers.

  • Fragrance

    Opt for a floral, sweet, fruity, relaxing fragrance or from our special collection.

  • Wax color

    Choose a white wax or from our selection of beautiful colors.

  • Wick type

    Choose between classic cotton wicks or crackling wooden wicks.

Personalized candles that match your values

In addition to supporting a local company that manufactures its products by hand, choosing Vulgaire means:

Products made with ecological, sustainable development, organic, non-GMO and vegan raw materials.

Limited use of plastic: no plastic for shipping, starch shipping bubbles that disintegrate in water, reusable glass and ceramic containers.

Products without paraben, phthalate and other products harmful to your health.

A company run by a woman and a person with a rare disease.

The possibility of opting for a carbon neutral delivery service.

  • Employee gifts

    Offer a personalized gift to your employees or your partners, whatever the occasion!

  • Corporate events

    Opt for personalized candles with the colors and scent representing your event.

  • Promote your business

    Promote your business with a 100% branded candle.

  • Special events

    A wedding, a baby shower or a birthday, offer your guests candles designed just for you.

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Minimum order of 20 candles only

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Personalized candle

With the personalized candle, it's up to you to choose the phrase that will be written on the label, in addition to choosing its color and the fragrance of the candle.

12 oz / 340 g candle

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Let's create together candles 100% matching the image of your company or your event!

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