Personalized candles for businesses

Whether you want to give them to your employees and partners or add them to your store, we have the perfect humorous candle for your business, big or small!

  • Custom label

    A design 100% in your image, including your logo, your phrase, your style and your colors!

  • Candle size

    We offer two candle sizes to choose from, 6.5 oz or 12 oz.

  • Container color

    Choose to use our black containers or from our selection of colored containers.

  • Fragrance

    Opt for a floral, sweet, fruity, relaxing fragrance or from our special collection.

  • Wax color

    Choose a white wax or from our selection of beautiful colors.

  • Wick type

    Choose between classic cotton wicks or crackling wooden wicks.

Choose custom-made candles especially for your organization!

Each of our candles are handmade using coconut and apricot wax and are individually packaged in an attractive black box containing a candle care card, as well as a thank you card.

Order of 20 candles +

For all orders of less than 20 candles, discover our personalized candles sold individually on our shop by clicking here. For all orders of more than 250 candles, please contact us by email by clicking on the button below.